OK, now I know PC is dying…


Nexus 4, wish my luck!

Nexus 4最近可是火的厉害啊。Google给出的“良心价”实在是让人无法拒绝。本来一直想等公司发个iPhone5,现在看看,如果能抢到个“亲儿子”也不错。


在网上看到一张Google亲儿子的历史变迁图,想想自己也用过一段时间的Nexus One,在这里也纪念一下吧。(回想当年刚拿到Nexus One时的感觉,呵呵)

Use StageVideo on Honeycomb

Since FlashPlay 10.2 and AIR 3.0, user can use StageVideo on all Honeycomb devices. But just like other new features provided by Adobe, you won’t just get it for free without any pain:)

I spent the whole morning to figure out how to make it happen on my Xoom. After reading dozens of threads from Adobe’s forum, finally, it worked. Here are something you need to prepare before the StageVideo servers you correctly:

  1. Make sure you are running on Honeycomb. Any Android OS lower than 3.0 doesn’t have StageVideo.
  2. In your Flex Compiler setting, make sure you have those values input: -swf-version=13 -target-player=11.0.0
  3. In your application description xml file, make sure you have the following setting:
    1. renderMode = direct
    2. colorDepth = 32bit [this one could be omitted if your app’s namespace is >= 3.0]

Those settings will give your the access of StageVideo. But if you want to actually SEE your video on the screen, you should make you application’s background transparent: backgroundAlpha=”0″. Otherwise, you will only hear the audio.

Now, you should have StageVideo serve you correctly:)



OK, now you might be able to run Android app on BlackBerry Playbook!