Mobile Gaming Status from Geekaphone

mobile games infographic
Geekaphone’s Mobile Gaming by the Numbers Infographic




Adobe放出了在Lion上使用Flash Builder的对策

自从Lion推出后,Adobe就没好日子过了,N多软件不兼容或者部分不兼容。对于我们比较重要的生产性工具Flash Builder也出现了不少问题。Adobe放出了一些“对策”,大家看着整一下吧。

OK, now you might be able to run Android app on BlackBerry Playbook!

In-app Payments from Google

Google’s in-app Payments is now online. Good news to lots of web developers. You can charge your customs with anything you want to sell. Google charges 5% for each transaction (Apple charges 30%). You will get the money on the first day of every month.

Check this video for more detail.