Get debug information from a release swf

Ticore shared something really interesting about how to get debug information in a release swf file. It’s quite easy to implement. Please visit his blog for more information.


LinkedIn just gives out the top 5 names used by CEOs

Do you share the same name with some CEO? What kind of name has more potential to be a CEO name? Check the result from LinkedIn. So interesting to get those data out!

Check out the post from TechCrunch for more details.

[转]How green is the iPhone?

how green is the iphone
Geekaphone’s How Green is the iPhone Infographic

[转]HTTP Dynamic Streaming with Flash Access protection

You can visit the original post @here.
Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming was developed by Adobe to deliver content to users via HTTP, enabling dynamic switching of video content quality depending on the bandwidth available to the user. It is especially effective when it works together with Adobe Flash Accesss 2.0 to protect valuable assets. This guide gives you step-by-step instructions to get your Flash media video platform up and running.
Here are the main features of HTTP Dynamic Streaming content delivery when used with Flash Access 2.0:
  • License management for content playback: no worries about content caching on users’ computers.
  • HTTP-based delivery of content means there’s no need to use other data protocols (such as RTMP or RTMPE). A powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider infrastructure will work for your video delivery.
  • Flexible content management during playback means you do not need to download the content completely to start viewing it. Content fragments are cached on the hard drive as playback proceeds.
  • Content encryption enables secure HTTP streaming using HTTP port 80.
  • Content protection in network storage means content is always encrypted, both during storage and during playback. The content is decrypted block by block from memory cache.
  • Support for multi-bitrate streaming “links” encoding of content at different bitrates, enabling quick quality switching upon playback.
  • Content protection for streaming to external devices prevents exporting video via the analog ports (S-Video, Component Video) and digital ports (HDMI, DVI, UDI).
These features meet the requirements of most major video content rightsholders, thus enabling you to maintain a broad choice of content at your online resources.


Google Doc for Android is now available on Google Market

不得不承认,我越来越喜欢Google Doc了。虽然在我朝要顺利使用这个超赞的免费服务还不是那么方便,但一旦用上,感觉还是非常好的。今天更好的事来了,Google终于推出了Android上的独立应用:Google Docs。以前手机上只能通过浏览器访问mobile版的docs,这下有了原生应用,好用多了。